Your Bobsled Spring Break Kit

Bobsled fans travel all over the world at various times of the year, and Spring Break is no exception. We’re always here to help you stay connected across borders, and across platforms. Planning your Spring Break extravaganza can be stressful! Trust us. We know!

We have taken some of the legwork out for you, and equipped you with “The Bobsled Spring Break Kit” containing some of the Spring Break essentials you might need. Whether it’s Puerto Vallarta or Daytona Beach; pack them, download them, and check them off the list. Enjoy your Spring Break!

1. Passport – Don’t forget your passport if you are traveling out of the country, otherwise you might be on the next return flight without those memorable Spring Break stories.
2. Bathing Suit – Whether it’s the pool, the beach, or the hot tub, you’ll want to be prepared! Bring your favorite bikini or pair of board shorts. Or a Speedo if that’s how you roll.
3. Sunglasses – We know that squinting while taking photos on Spring Break is unacceptable. Make sure to pack a pair of sunglasses.
4. Sunscreen – A sun kissed tan can be attractive, but a sun burn is just painful.
5. Phone Charger – Everybody uses their phone for everything nowadays. Whether it’s making a Bobsled Call or taking a photo on Instagram, it’s not fun seeing that blinking red battery sign.
6. Bobsled Calling Download Bobsled Calling on your smartphone and let your friends and family know how much fun you are having at the beach!

Where are you headed for Spring Break?