The Plain White T’s and Avril Lavigne? Yes, Please!

Last year we decided to team up with not one, but two pop punk sensations, Avril Lavigne and The Plain White T’s! Thousands of people entered for a chance to speak with their favorite artists over Bobsled Calling!
We loved Lauren and Megan. Since Bobsled Calling lets you talk on almost any device, across networks, on any carrier, at any time, the girls had multiple options to connect. Lauren chatted with The T’s using Bobsled Calling on her desktop computer, while Megan linked up with Avril on her laptop. Both girls had a whole list of questions to ask their favorite artists!

Watch our Bobsled exclusives below, and see how we were able to connect Lauren with The Plain White T’s and Megan with Avril Lavigne! 

The Plain White T’s Exclusive:

Avril Lavigne Exclusive:

Which celebrity should we hook you up with next?!